About 20 minutes along Qingyang Road from Wuxi city center lay 2 famous attractions with distinct atmosphere and perfect for a relaxing daycation. The first is a manmade piece of heaven amidst verdant garden, and the other is an iconic temple of tranquility.



Surround yourself by an ocean of flowery landscape in Wuxi’s version of the magical Hanging Garden of Babylon. Jaimao International Flowers & Birds Park tempt you to forget the hot summer and the freezing winter and just immerse in cooling spring breeze and fresh pure air. Stroll through an endless stretches of scenic gardens or find a bench to have a private moment with your favourite book in a wonderful afternoon while the birds chirp softly in the background. Discover exotic flowers, birds, and fishes within this landscaped garden and explore the park’s flowery attractions that include the Hanging Garden, Marsh Wetland, Natural Ecology, and Aquatic Plant Garden. The Hanging Garden displays hundreds of kind of flowers hanging down from the roof, flaunting their colourful pedals that dance softly with gentle breeze. Marsh Wetland Zone is home to vegetation and animals living in swamps and wetlands. Take photos of variety of cranes, from Red-crowned crane, Oriental stork, Demoiselle crane, Great egret, to Eurasian spoonbill. The Natural ecology zone is like the Garden of Eden. Stroll through lush landscape dotted with ponds and garden where you’ll find 40 different kinds of fishes and birds, including swans and peacocks. The last zone, the Aquatic Plant Garden boasts colourful aquatic plants, especially lotuses.

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Build in Liang dynasty, the temple was originally named “Zhao Yin Yuan” until it was changed to WuKong Temple during the Song dynasty. WuKong Temple was home to the famous calligrapher, Cai Xiangyu, who spent his life preaching and tirelessly building reputation for the temple. Unfortunately, the war in 1923 left WuKong Temple in ruin until it was restored in 2014 as an attempt to protect and develop Chinese Buddhist culture. Beside the peaceful atmosphere and magnificent architecture, tourists and locals visit WuKong Temple to pay homage to the majestic Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara. The iconic statue tells the story of Avalokitesvara in the attempt to reach out to all those in need.


After an eventful day, retreat back to the comfort of Ramada Plaza Wuxi Hotel’s luxury hospitality. The hotel surrounds its marvelous center garden with a series of 6 inner-connecting buildings, making sure that each building captures the view of the centerpiece. The spacious hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travelers as it boasts excellent conference center large enough for any grand event, as well as the 12,000 square meters Cherry Blossom Hot Spring. Ramada Plaza Wuxi provides a perfect night of culinary and cultural experiences. First, start the evening at the Flora Chinese Restaurant, serving succulent Huaiyang and Cantonese cuisine. As night falls, head to the hotel’s theatre for the large-scale naked 3D live-action night show, Wuxi Pearl Dream Back to Jiangnan Legends, and experience Jiangnan legends and folk tales in the most artistic performance.