Kyoto Hidden Gems

Hidden in the valley to the northwest of Kyoto, Miyama could be the sister of the world-famous Shirakawa-go village. The charming village of Miyama is known for its agriculture, traditional thatched roof farmhouses, and wonderful atmosphere of the bygone days. Kitamura leaves are used to construct the iconic Japanese architecture which was widely used during the Edo period. Since the farmhouses aren’t just for the show, the interior is adapted to accommodate modern lifestyle while keeping the iconic architecture and the exterior design. Some are turned into restaurants, cafés, or hotels, welcoming guests with its unique atmosphere.


From Kyoto, hop on the JR Sagono Line to Hiyoshi Station. Catch the Nantan bus and take a 50-minute ride to Miyama. The village is perfect for taking a big break, enjoy the serene atmosphere and a leisure bike ride.


The best time to visit Miyama is in November as the temperature is great for outdoor activities and the autumn leaves paint the sceneries in vivid colors. If you plan to enjoy the snow, January to February is a great time to visit.

Places to See


Miyama Kayabuki Gallery and Folk Museum sit next to one another just on the edge of the town. Both of them display the history of Miyama in their own unique way. While the gallery highlights the history through arts and paintings, the museum exhibits antiques and traditional tools, as well as the way of life of the local residences. Your curiosities about the thatched roof and its evolution will be answered here.

ADDRESS: Honoki – 21, Miyama, Nantan City, Kyoto
OPENING HOURS: 10.00 – 16.30, Closed on Monday and closed from December – March
ADMISSION FEE: 500 Yen (approx. 143 Baht)

Where to Stay


ADDRESS: 56 Shimomuke, Miyama, Nantan City, Kyoto
TEL: +81 771 77 0014

Where to Eat


Why not take a break and sip a warm cup of coffee, or tea, with delectable Japanese sweets in the traditional kayabuki thatched roof café! Be prepared to sit on the floor around a small Japanese tea table, gazing out to the iconic view of the charming village. Besides the unique atmosphere, Saika Café is known for its chiffon and pudding, as well as the black bean menus.

ADDRESS: Shimomaki 15-banchi, Miyama, Nantan City, Kyoto
OPENING HOURS: 11.00 – 17.00
TEL: +81 771 77 9038


Café Milan, a homey little café in a modern wooden house, brings a fresh atmosphere to the village! Miyama is proud of its agricultural produces, especially eggs, so you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the name “Milan” pronounces like the word “beautiful egg” in Japanese, and the proudly presented menus highlight eggs as the main ingredient!

ADDRESS: 42 Kitakanmaki, Miyama, Nantan City, Kyoto
OPENING HOURS: 10.00 – 17.00, Closed every Wednesday
TEL: +81 771 77 0569


As the star restaurant of the village, Kitamura presents the best flavors Miyama has to offer. Try simple, yet well-prepared, soba is handmade in-house using Miyama buckwheat flour, giving it the naturally sweet flavor. Other menus include chicken karaage and assorted sausages with a big tick on the amazing venison sausage!

ADDRESS: 19-1 Yoseki, Miyama, Nantan City, Kyoto
OPENING HOURS: 10.00 – 17.00, Closed every Wednesday
TEL: +81 771 77 0146