Inner Mongolia, the unseen grassland and the land of clear bright sky

Inner Mongolia, the unseen grassland and the land of clear bright sky

 Another one destination for honeymooners who wishes their honeymoon to be more fully adventure! Inner Mongolia is an autonomous ethnic region. With a total range of 1.18 million square kilometers, bordering to the north between and Mongolia, the longest region in China with the whole length 2,500 kilometers up. And also, the land of history of Genghis Khan, the man who built and got Inner Mongolia into a united country, as well as, the rich natural resources, the unique lush landscape, traditional culture and life, a lot of photo-taking spots, highly recommended to mark on the travel wish list. From June to late September, it’s the best time to visit. The attractive destinations that the city people never touch.

The grasslands, Land of the horse warriors and the vast magnificent field.

Acquire a horsemanship, put the sense of the Mongolian into your perceptions then closely get ride with the vigorous horse along with the cool breeze, surrounded by the lush grassland, the flocks of sheep and cattle are extant to tourists, so touchable nature. During the way, could see the haunted eagles is controlled by Mongolian, very amazing! As to the safety, is the first condition to go horse riding, there will be the Mongolian professional rider closely watch to assure everything gone through by no any unexpected circumstances. Deep in an absorbing ethnic custom, a unique of herding a horse, at the most original. Stay in the tent similar to the traditional Mongol. Additionally, there is a fascinated show on the back of the horse to get anyone who watch mesmerized. And the recommended dish that you really must try it, when visit Inner Mongolia, is Roast lamb the traditional Mongolian food, golden red of lamb, on a square timber plate, it’s so pretty delicious flavor. Have a new marvelous experience intimately in touch.

Address: Huitenxile Grassland, Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia Museum, Historical tales

The massive museum in the north of the town, in Hohhot city. Several valuable objects involving to ethnic background, rare haunted weapons, ancient creature’s remains, folks, traditions, are on display. The art figures themselves tell a life story of ancient northern tribes, Huns, Qidan, Xianbei, in particular Mongolian. The Inner Mongolia Museum has the fame in the collection of dinosaur fossils found and the astonish thing that draw the global interest is the complete skeleton of Rhinoceros discovered in Mesozoic period through passing very long time.

Address: Xincheng, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

Dazhao Temple, A powerful visit of the emperor

A restraint religion of people all over Mongolia. Located on Hohhot. Dazhao temple or well-known as the silver buddha temple is renowned as the largest and oldest temple in Inner Mongolia. A visit of Emperor Kangxi during the early period of the Qing Dynasty was the one of a notable occasion, which it signified the place as the path of a long Chinese history. The story about the tales of religion that is told on fascinating wall paintings. In addition to the “Three marvelous valuable treasures”: The Silver Buddha, the dragon sculpture and the murals commemorating a visit of Emperor which all are the Ming Dynasty’s relics. According to those amazing things, it attracts many tourists and local people to come.

Address: Dazhao Front St, Yuquan, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia,

Camel-riding, Desert overtaking

The exciting experience of riding a camel at Resonant Sand Bay. The camel slowly walks to let the tourist absorb the atmosphere around the vast beautiful desert landscape and go deeper to appreciate the aesthetic sunset over the height sand ridge, it is another great experience. Recommend the activity that worth to try once, have more enthusiastic moment in your life by taking sand sledging through sitting on the board and slide from the steep sand dunes, the wind hit on the face while sliding down with a bit fast, sand splitting into two sides of the surfing board, it’s so excited! Or go aboard a vehicle, such as jeep or military truck, and along with the way to sight the great view of the sun lake, it could be a lifetime experience.

Address: Resonant Sand Bay, Inner Mongolia


The weather is quite cold. Recommend to bring a warm bushy coat or sweaters and veils to visit there.

The weather is quite cold. Don’t miss

Enjoy watching the exciting horse-riding performance. The people play along on the back of the horse with the fascinating movements, which entirely attract the audiencesecommend to bring a warm bushy coat or sweaters and veils to visit there.

Where to stay

Tired of taking a long day journey of exploring the beautiful sightseeing then get some place to be remained which will absolutely create your one of memorable stay.

Shangri-La Hotel Hohhot

Make your enjoyable stay at Shangri-La Hotel Hohhot, touch the singular specialty, the first luxurious hotel in the heart of Hohhot city. Surrounding by the great landmarks. Room décor is high deluxe, charming 5-star facilities, fitness center, a vast indoor pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi are fully provided. The staff is always smiling and offering you the best service just as unique. Breakfast and dinner buffet are an exceptional selection, surprisingly, beyond expectancy in taste, first theatre kitchen in Hohhot. The city night-view is captivating which can be seen from high buildings of rooms above. It’s delectable one to have a stay.

Address: 5 Xi Lin Guo Le South Road, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia 010020 China.

Sheraton Hohhot Hotel

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Address: No.5, Ying Bin North Road, Xin Cheng District, Hohhot 010010 China