EVA Launches Brand-New Corporate Website

EVA Launches Brand-New Corporate Website

Delivers service consistency, mobility on range of devices

EVA Air unveiled its official new website today (15 July, 2020). Designed to meet consumer demand for easily accessible information whenever and wherever they want it, EVA is using Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology to deliver consistent information services on different devices from office or home to mobility or tablet on the go. It also chose new user interface (UI) for easier and more convenient operating functions. And the airline has given its already popular EVA Mobile APP biometric recognition technology for a way to log in faster and more easily. The new website is available at

RWD technology gives EVA’s new website the enhanced accessibility and flexibility it needs to be responsive on a variety of platforms. Synchronizing dynamic changes with compatible solutions, the website automatically accommodates image sizes on different devices. EVA also enabled the website to serve its global customer base with 12 language selections, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and more. Users can easily switch to their language of choice and enjoy the friendly, efficient services they are most comfortable with.

EVA updated its Mobile APP last year, enabling users to scan passports and input personal information, making it easier to check-in online using mobile devices and add electronic boarding passes to Google Pay accounts. Now, the Mobile APP has biometric recognition capabilities as well and all EVA Infinity MileageLands frequent flyers have to do to log in is use their face ID or fingerprint. EVA has made it faster and easier than ever to manage reservations and check mileage. Non-members can access some services by simply registering as EVA fans.

EVA adopted the “User Experience Design” (UX Design) to its website needs for the upgrades. Over more than four months, the design team interviewed around 100 internal and external users, 18 – 55 years old, to gain insights into needs and usage habits. The team then analyzed results and applied what they had learned to the designs of EVA’s new operating systems and user interface functions. They tested the upgraded website systems and features to make sure they are user-friendly and meet passengers’ service demands by inviting one group of business travelers and another of tourists to try them.

EVA has made it even more convenient for passengers to check-in online by expanding the time period allowed to as early as 48 hours and as late as 70 minutes before departure. After completing check-in, passengers can print boarding passes or get electronic versions via e-mail or text messages.

EVA’s new website design is inspired by the smiling curve of the wings of its Boeing 787 Dreamliners. It replaced straight lines with the “lively curve” to make blocks of information more fluid and vivid. It chose bright background colors to make information easier to read. And it continued its barrier-free Web Accessibility commitment with features enabling users with disabilities to use professional web readers to navigate smoothly and access all the main functions and messages.

EVA worked for more than two years to develop the new website and its features. By employing the latest webpage design technology, it added features that make it even more convenient for passengers using different platforms to book flights, buy tickets, select seats, choose meals, request to pre-board and alert staff and crews to other special needs. Passengers can experience EVA’s brand-new website at