Since its opening in 2020, Côte by Mauro Colagreco at Capella Bangkok brings the “Riviera to the River of Life” with tantalizing interpretations of local cultures and cuisines from Thailand and the Mediterranean coast. Through premium produce procured from farms in Thailand, Italy and France, it tells stories from the crossroads of the ocean, the mountains and the sun.


Today, Côte brings its “Kitchen Confidential” to “Your Residence”, continuing its epicurean journey in the safety and comfort of your own dining room. Led by chefs Davide Garavaglia and Marc Vasseur, a brigade of cooks and waiters hand-picked from Michelin-starred restaurants around the globe will bring the Côte experience to private gatherings and celebrations at your residence.


From a 9-course ‘Carte Blanche’ menu to a fine seafood feast, each soiree will be thoughtfully arranged according to your preferences to offer you a culinary experience just like you are used to at Côte. Capella Bangkok’s head sommelier, ‘Jay’ Thanakorn Bottorff, will be on hand to ensure your dinner is matched with the finest wines from the restaurant’s cellar. Rest assured that the team follows the strictest safety regulations (including a Covid-19 test 48 hours prior to arrival), without compromising on food or service standards.


Enquire via 020983818 email cote.bangkok@capellahotels.com to discuss your next dinner party.