The authentic high-end Japanese sister restaurants put AYANA Bali at the vanguard of Bali’s luxury Japanese dining scene.

YANA Bali today welcomes two highly anticipated arrivals in Bali’s luxury Japanese dining scene, Sumizen and Honzen Bali. Under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Takumi Kimura — who has decades of experience at leading Japanese hotels — Sumizen celebrates the art of yakiniku, or grilled meat, using distinctive types of charcoal to imbue the region’s finest cuts with unique flavors. Meanwhile, Honzen Bali highlights the art of traditional Japanese cuisine using fresh imported meats and seafood and locally sourced ingredients.

The latest addition to the Kawano Group’s portfolio, which for more than two decades has been one of Indonesia’s leading food and beverage companies specializing in Japanese cuisine, Sumizen is an entirely different concept. Unlike regular yakiniku restaurants, where ingredients are served raw and cooked by diners on a grill embedded in the table, as a high-end establishment, Sumizen’s staff will personally prepare the dishes according to guests’ desired taste. “It is a fresh start and a new form of the yakiniku dining experience,” says Chef Kimura. “We want to create a unique identity that sets us apart and showcases our expertise in the field, while highlighting our exceptional ingredients.”

While Chef Kimura explains that premium cuts of meat will be the highlight of Sumizen, another of the restaurant’s distinguishing features will be its use of binchō-tan, a type of white charcoal traditionally used in Japanese cooking. “The use of charcoal is crucial; not only for cooking the food but also incorporating it into various aspects such as plating and rice preparation. We aim to create dishes that embody the essence of charcoal,” he says.

Located in a lush 7,800sqm reserve of AYANA Bali,the expansive new building and Bali’s biggest Japanese restaurant incorporates traditional architecture surrounded by zen gardens, transporting guests of Sumizen and Honzen Bali to a serene rural Japanese home. Ideal for family and casual dining, business meetings and special occasions, Sumizen offers eight private rooms with balconies, and during the cooler months guests are invited to dine with the windows open. The rooms can accommodate four guests or be combined for larger groups of up to 18. Meanwhile, Honzen Bali seats 36 in its main dining hall, seven to nine in its teppanyaki rooms, and 11 at its sushi counter. Both Honzen Bali and Sumizen’s private rooms are built in the Japanese hanare style, and separated by small outdoor bridges. “The central courtyard of the sister restaurants resembles a zen garden, creating an ambiance that truly makes guests feel as if they are in Japan,” adds Chef Takumi.

Employing innovative techniques to express seasonality in its dishes, such as perennial favorites tempura and sushi, the Honzen Bali menu is crafted from the freshest seafood and ingredients imported from Japan or locally sourced from Bali. For the ultimate Japanese dining experience, Sumizen and Honzen Bali offer seven to 12-course omakase menus that showcase the true creativity of Japanese dining culture and mastery of Chef Takumi and his team.

“With the sister restaurants Sumizen and Honzen Bali, we are inviting guests to experience the remarkable diversity of Japanese culinary traditions,” says Giordano Faggioli, General Manager of AYANA Bali. “At these refined and dignified venues, guests will be immersed in the delicate nuances of an authentic Japanese dining experience,” he adds. “Together, they put AYANA Bali at the vanguard of Bali’s luxury Japanese restaurants.”

Sumizen and Honzen Bali will welcome guests from November 10, 2023, from 12:00 pm–02.30 pm for lunch and 06:00 pm–10:00 pm for dinner. To celebrate the opening, Sumizen and Honzen Bali are offering guests 30% off selected food and beverages (excluding alcohol) from November 10 to 17, 2023.