The Korea Tourism Organization Joins Hands with KTC to ExpandTourism Market Through the Launch of the “Korea Everything” Campaign

The Korea Tourism Organization partners with KTC to establish a long-term strategy to encourage more Thai people to plan trips to Korea. Building upon the success of last year, which surpassed expectations, the “Korea Everything” campaign was launched to encapsulate the essence of Korean tourism in 3 dimensions: K – Food, K – Fun, and K – Culture, empowering tourists to tailor their plans according to their lifestyles. KTC offers exclusive privileges to its members, offering up to 10x KTC FOREVER points / the option of 0% interest installment payments for 6 months, or KTC FOREVER point redemption for discounts. Additionally, members get a chance to win a free 5-day, 3-night travel package along the Busan route!!! Simply by qualifying as the highest spender with a KTC credit card at KTC World Travel Service or at participating department stores.

Mr. Sang-Woo Yi, Director, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), revealed that in 2023, around 380,000 tourists from Thailand visited Korea, indicating a recovery in tourism to pre-COVID levels. Korea and the Thai government have collaboratively initiated the “2023 – 2024 Korea – Thailand Visit Year” project to encourage both Korean and Thai tourists to explore each other’s countries more frequently. The Korea Tourism Organization organized the “Korea Everywhere” mega event across 4 major venues in Bangkok simultaneously, last year for large-scale promotion.

In 2024, KTO organized the YES, Korea Travel event in last March across 3 main cities: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, which received positive responses from Thai tourists keen on immersing themselves in Korean culture and contemplating trips to Korea. Numerous projects centered around Korean culture and leveraging social media are in the pipeline. An upcoming project for May and July is the “Korea-Thailand Food Travel Week” food-related events in both Thailand and Korea, in partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Renowned Thai chef “Jay Fai” will join an event in Korea, experiencing local Korean cuisine and serving as a representative for the Korea-Thailand Visit Year. Furthermore, KTO supports tourism office representatives and the media by facilitating their exploration of Korean tourism offerings, and providing captivating information tailored for Thai tourists for public relations purposes.

Ms. Arinchaya Lertwattanachai, Marketing Manager, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), stated that the current trend in Korean tourism among Thai travelers has shifted from purchasing tour packages to planning their own trips. Referred to as FIT (Free Independent Travelers), they typically travel in small groups, such as with friends or family members. This trend is driven by Korea’s reputation as a comfortable destination, where tourists can arrange their own travel logistics through KTC World Travel Service, including booking plane tickets, accommodations, and various activities, or through hotel booking websites or OTAs (Online Travel Agents), which provide a convenient one-stop service. Building upon this trend, KTO has devised a marketing strategy for 2024 in collaboration with KTC, leading to the launch of the “Korea Everything” campaign. This campaign encapsulates the essence of Korean tourism across 3 main dimensions: K-Food, K-Fun and K-Culture, offering tourists the flexibility to choose activities according to their different lifestyles or preferences, highlighting 2 main routes: Seoul and Busan.

K-Food: Indulge in the exquisite Hanjeongsik menu, a traditional Korean set meal with origins dating back to palaces and noble households of the past. Alternatively, savor the exceptional seafood hot pot menu, renowned in Busan for its freshness.

K-Fun: Delight in the adorable alpacas at Alpaca World in Seoul or hop on the Busan Sky Capsule Trend, a charming, colorful train that glides along Haeundae Beach.

K-Culture: Immerse yourself in the rich history of Bukchon Hanok Village, once a residential neighborhood for high-ranking government officials and nobles during the Joseon Dynasty. Or explore Kamson Cultural Village in Busan, where houses cascade down the mountainside in colorful tiers, earning it the name of “Machu Picchu of Busan.”

Mrs. Pranaya Nithananon, Head of Credit Card Marketing, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited stated that throughout 2023, the tourism industry has experienced a significant resurgence in activity. Total KTC credit card spending in the travel category has notably increased, particularly on Korean routes uring the second half of the year. In collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), KTC launched the “Korea Everywhere” campaign, leading to a remarkable 35% growth in total KTC credit card spending in Korea compared to the second half of 2022. Additionally, the number of cardmembers traveling to spend in Korea increased by 38%, with an average spending per member amounting to 17,500 baht. Furthermore, at KTC World Travel Service, in 2023, KTC credit cardmembers booking airline tickets, accommodations, and packages for Korean routes surged by 378%, nearing 2019 pre-pandemic levels.

For 2024, KTC will continue its partnership with KTO to craft marketing strategies aimed at encouraging KTC credit cardmembers to select Korea as their travel destination. The launch of the “Korea Everything” campaign offers authentic experiences across 3 dimensions: K-Food, K-Fun and K-Culture. KTC World Travel Service has curated special rated 3-day, 2-night travel packages such as “K-Everything in Seoul” starting at 25,500 baht / person and “K-Everything in Busan” starting at 19,900 baht/person (covering airline tickets, accommodations, and activities). Alternatively, for independent travelers, the service offers discounted airline tickets, shuttle service, and attraction entrance tickets, allowing flexibility in exploring Seoul, Incheon, nearby cities, and Busan. Moreover, members are eligible to earn up to 10x KTC FOREVER points / have the option to pay in 0% interest installments for 6 months, or redeem every 1,000 KTC FOREVER points for a 130 baht discount. Additionally, KTC has partnered with Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, and Thai Airways, offering special discounts and extra reward points for direct flight bookings made on their respective websites from May 1, 2024, to November 30, 2024.

Mr. Papop Suwanwisolkij, Owner of Megamaxx Journey Page, stated,
Korea is a country that offers attractions in every season, each with its unique highlights. Recently, I had the chance to visit Busan, Korea, to witness the Cherry Blossom Season. Renting a car for the first time provided me with a new experience, distinct from using public transportation, as it allowed me to plan my own itinerary and explore new tourist spots along the way. During this journey, I also ventured to the city of Ulsan, an intriguing yet often unseen destination that remains undiscovered by many tourists.

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