Thai AirAsia takes “Organization Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities” Award 2023 at Friendly Design Awards

Affirms Commitment to Providing Opportunities, Care and Equality of Service

Thai AirAsia has become the only company to receive the “Organization Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities” award from Friendly Design Awards 2023 as it joins other Capital A group members in preparing to sign an agreement for the hiring of persons with disabilities with the Friendly Design for All Foundation in 2024, under which it will hire 56 visually impaired individuals to operate in accordance with their capabilities in alignment with its goals.

Ms. Wichuni Kantapeng, Director of Ground Operations for Thai AirAsia, explained that since the first day of its operation, Thai AirAsia has sought to be an airline for all in keeping with its slogan “Now Everyone can Fly”. With this aspiration, the carrier has researched and developed ways to remove obstructions to travel, from cost to accessibility, enhancing these fundamentals to make flying convenient and friendly for everyone.

“For years, we have worked closely with the Friendly Design for All Foundation, the government and other relevant agencies to learn and improve ourselves. We have even made sure to train staff in all our departments using experts in serving the disabled to make sure our personnel are knowledgeable and confident in serving all our passengers with equality,” Ms. Wichuni said.

Beyond service, Thai AirAsia and other companies within the Capital A group have maintained a policy for the employment of persons with disabilities since 2016, maintaining it through the COVID-19 pandemic. The airline’s employees have also worked towards the company’s goal of realizing “Universal Design”, in which spaces and facilities such as public transport, tourism sites and places of worship accommodate daily life for all. Disabled employees of the company nationwide regularly survey and report on sites, follow up on developments and give suggestions on universal design in support of annual evaluations.

The year 2024 will be the first time the company employs visually impaired staff with 6 individuals to join, using their skills and expertise in massage and service to work comfortably and happily within their capabilities.

“Thai AirAsia equally prioritizes the development of its service for equal convenience to all and the employment of persons with disabilities to encourage and provide opportunities. We are proud to be an organization that genuinely cares about this matter and believe we will continue to improve” Ms. Wichuni said.

Friendly Design Awards 2023 took place as part of Thailand Friendly Design Expo 2023, a showcase of innovations for health and universal design, which ran at BITEC Bangna from 7-10 December 2023. At the awards, Thai AirAsia X was also recognized in the “Organization Promoting Universal Design” category in an affirmation of the brand’s equal service to all.