Thai AirAsia retains position as airline with best on-time performance in Thailand. Airline also placed Top 3 in Asia Pacific

Thai AirAsia (FD) has maintained its position as “Most On-Time Airline in Thailand” with an On-Time Arrival rate of 82.52%, which also gave it a Top 3 position among all airlines in Asia Pacific and 7th among global low-cost carriers, according to the On-Time Performance Review 2023 of leading airline analyst institute Cirium.

Mr. Santisuk Klongchaiya, Chief Executive Officer of Thai AirAsia, pointed out that “2023 was a year of continual recovery for the company and airline, during which we faced challenges in terms of managing our fleet to meet travel demand and maintaining the on-time performance as a top priority, while at the same time adhering to the strictest safety procedures.”

“We know safe, affordable and reliable air travel is important to our guests so it’s important to us also. Being an on-time performance winner at the Asia Pacific and global levels every year has become a mark of pride as it reflects on our efficient management and the contribution and hardwork of all our Allstars,” Mr.Santisuk said.

As well as being safe and affordable, Thai AirAsia has made on-time performance a key priority and turned it into a nationwide advertisement campaign in Thailand in 2023 which was also shared on all its media and social media channels. The campaign reinstilled the message of the importance of being on time in every aspect of our life for the shared progress of all. Thai AirAsia has shown its attention to being on time consistently by making on-time performance a tangible and measurable part of its identity.

Mr. Chatupong Hongwiset, Head of Ramp and Ground Service Equipment and Chair of the On-Time Performance Development and Management Committee at Thai AirAsia explained that “Maintaining on-time performance was particularly challenging in 2023 due to changing plans for the airline’s fleet to meet passenger demands during different periods as well as difficult to control external factors. Through strong cooperation between departments, meetings, brainstorming and real-time problem solving, Thai AirAsia was able to maximise its operational efficiencies and achieve a very pleasing high on-time arrival rating. The airline maintained the highest on-time performance in Thailand and ranked at the strongest Asia and global levels. Continuing its dedicated ongoing hard work, Thai AirAsia is confident it will continue to improve its on-time performance in 2024.”

“Most importantly, we have to thank our Allstars for this proud achievement. Within the 25-30 minute turnaround time for Thai AirAsia flights, from landing to departure, all of our departments have to manage their time and perform as planned on a minute-to-minute basis so that our passengers can be served safely and on time,” Mr. Chatupong said.

The Cirium report on on-time performance of worldwide airlines and airports in 2023 revealed Thai AirAsia had an On-Time Arrival rate of 82.52%, placing it third among Asia Pacific airlines. Thai AirAsia was also placed seventh on the ranking for low-cost carriers and was the only Thai airline to stand among winners in this year’s report.

Cirium defines an on-time arrival/departure as when a passenger flight arrives and departs at the gate within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival or departure time. On-time performance standards are derived from the average On-Time Arrival of all airlines and are reportedly annually.