Suits you to the ground: Tuxedo Espresso Bar at Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit

Suits you to the ground: Tuxedo Espresso Bar at Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit

By no means the usual lobby lounge, Tuxedo has tweaked its bow tie, opened doors and begun serving a sophisticated blend of pleasures day and night.

For many years Singaporeans have known there’s one place in town that always gets things just right when it comes to fine coffees, delicious pastries, and superb afternoon tea sets. It’s Tuxedo, where the art of coffee culture attains the highest level of sophistication.

That same elevated approach has arrived in Bangkok, and with it Tuxedo’s distinctive ambience for enjoying premium pleasures.

Nip in to Tux for something different

Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit’s lobby-level Tuxedo Espresso Bar means hotel guests and Bangkok residents can now experience truly vanguard coffee culture. Indeed three elements distinguish Tuxedo and ensure it stands apart from the crowd.

First, there’s premium coffees and pastries. Coffee-making tech at Tuxedo includes one of Thailand’s first Modbar espresso machines in addition to other advanced roasting, grinding and brewing equipment. Baristas at Tuxedo, moreover, really know their beans and apply considerable knowledge towards the creation of every cup. Menu standouts include 48 hrs Cold Drip using a special Cold Drip “tower” AKMA by Dutch Lab, it’s a natural process that takes 48 hrs for the ice to melt and drip through the coffee which makes for a perfectly strong cup of Cold Drip Coffee. Blending 80% of Exclusive blend to get the sweetness and refreshing aroma and 20% of Local blend to get the strength and body. Australian-style Magic combining ristretto, steamed milk and milk foam; along with Tokyo-influenced, mocha-like Dirty Tuxedo coffee with chocolate sauce and chilled Thai-style Neat Tuxedo version.

As for baked treats, at Tuxedo pâtisserie, boulangerie and viennoiserie are made daily in an adjacent glass-fronted pastry kitchen. Highlights include signature dessert Tuxedo Marble Cake, hand-crafted artisanal breads, traditional scones, croissant, brioche, crumble pastries, sandwiches and much more.

Second and further defining the Tuxedo experience is Tuxedo Afternoon Tea. The set features savoury and sweet morsels accompanied by TWG premium tea.

Coffeehouse culture with a twist

Tuxedo Espresso Bar at Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit evokes the style and elegance of European coffeehouse culture with a Southeast-Asian twist. At the hotel’s lobby level with direct access from pavement alongside Sukhumvit Road. Outdoor terrace seating also available. Open every day from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.