NOW Travel Asia Awards 2024: Celebrating Excellence in the Asia-Pacific Travel Industry

NOW Travel Asia Media Group is thrilled to announce the winners of the NOW Travel Asia Awards 2024, honoring excellence in the Asia-Pacific travel and hospitality industry.

NOW Travel Asia Awards recognize outstanding achievements across various categories, including travel destinations, hotels, resorts, airlines, and hospitality professionals, who have demonstrated unparalleled commitment to excellence, exceptional service, and innovation.

After a rigorous evaluation process by a panel of industry experts and discerning travelers, the winners of NOW Travel Asia Awards 2024 have been revealed. Among the recipients are establishments and individuals from across the Asia-Pacific region who have distinguished themselves through their exceptional contributions to the travel industry.


“We are delighted to honor the winners of NOW Travel Asia Awards 2024,” said Mr. Kanapot Sitthiwong, Managing Director of NOW Travel Asia Media Group. “These awards serve as a testament to the remarkable achievements of the recipients and highlight the diversity, richness, and innovation that define the Asia-Pacific travel landscape.”

NOW Travel Asia Awards 2024 Gala Ceremony, held at Chatrium Grand Bangkok Hotel Thailand, brought together industry leaders, VIP guests, and award winners to celebrate excellence and innovation in the Asia-Pacific travel industry.

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of NOW Travel Asia Awards 2024,” added Mr. Kanapot. “Their dedication, creativity, and commitment to excellence have not only elevated their respective establishments but have also enriched the travel experience for visitors from around the world.”

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