MO BAR returns to present an all-new mixology experience that celebrates the spirit of Singapore

With a touch of nostalgia, the Blue Print menu spotlights Singapore’s exceptional architectural journey.

Following an extensive transformation, MO BAR reopens its doors to welcome guests back to its cocktail enclave nestled in the lush property of Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. The highly anticipated unveiling sees the award-winning bar present a refreshed team headed by newly-appointed Bar Manager Charlie Kim, a newly-furnished space and Volume Five cocktail menu, titled Blue Print, woven with narratives inspired by the nostalgic roots of the city’s exceptional architectural growth.

The introduction of the new 14-strong cocktail menu transitions from the bar’s nomadic explorations throughout Asia Pacific, which themed the past four menu volumes, to its roots on the sunny shores of Singapore. The four-chapter menu takes guests through the evolution of the cityscape, marrying mixology with architectural motifs. Local flavours and homegrown spirits permeate the narrative of each beverage, while progressive blends, techniques, and infusions elevate them — likening the MO BAR experience to the Exceptionally Singapore spirit echoed by Mandarin Oriental: steeped in nostalgia, with an endless pursuit for progress and an eye set on the future.

“MO BAR’s Volume Five is designed to take guests on a journey through Singapore’s past, present and future. Our team invites you to embark on an experience to uncover a blend of heritage and innovation as the Blue Print menu unfolds Exceptionally Singapore’s tale in every sip,” says Bar Manager, Charlie Kim.

Vintage Visions

The prelude to the new MO BAR experience begins as guests first encounter the menu. Guests are invited to look through the lens of a custom-made View Master (available in Q1 2024) where they will enter the 3-dimensional realm of ‘Vintage Visions’ — the first of four chapters that heralds the start of their extraordinary cocktail journey.

Opening with a beverage that pays homage to the tropics, Ice Lemon Tea (SGD 26) offers a gin-based cocktail with a citrus-forward Haflong MO BAR tea blend – curated exclusively for the hotel property.

Next, the White Rabbit (SGD 26) is a laksa leaf-infused gin cocktail imbued with notes of lemongrass and seeks to transport guests to their fondest childhood memories when the candy was most popular. Both cocktails share a Singapore-crafted gin as their foundation, emblematic of Singapore’s craft spirits scene and chosen for its ability to express the region’s diverse herbs; mirroring the city’s large melting pot of cultures.

Whisky lovers will enjoy Grandfather’s Road (SGD 26) and Kopi Siew Tai (SGD 26). The former is a twist on an Old Fashioned that derives its name from the colloquial Singlish expression “your grandfather’s road” and is a rich blend of Indian whisky, rum, pepper-infused bitters and jicama syrup — an ingredient commonly used in rojak, a local savoury dish.

The latter provides an elevated take on the humble coffee beverage found in local coffee shops, and features Compendium’s Hom Mali Rice Whiskey — Singapore’s first single grain whiskey that uses a fragrant Asian grain. It is made with cereal-infused milk and is available as a cold or hot beverage, as well as in a non-alcoholic format (SGD 21) to offer an inclusive drinking experience for all.

Modern Landmarks

Fast forward to today where towering skyscrapers dominate our skyline and stand as a testament to the city’s unyielding progressive spirit. MO BAR invites guests to marvel at the architectural grandeur of the Helix Bridge, the stunning neo-futurist design of the Marina One development, and more.

As a tribute to achieving the title of the world’s first double helix architectural design in 2010, the Helix (SGD 26) cocktail mimics the sophisticated Helix Bridge in the Marina Bay area with a medley of flavours that intertwine and complement each other to form the perfect structure. Featuring rum, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, spicy ginger flower, celery and a splash of Champagne, this refreshing cocktail is perfect for moments of celebration and conviviality.

Championing eco-friendly and green-centred architecture teeming with life, Singapore’s Marina One development stands as the ultimate point of inspiration for Vortex (SGD 26). Featuring a tropical blend of port, spice-forward Pimento, and notes of guava, it is the perfect cocktail that will have you feeling on vacation mode.

With Singapore’s perpetual summer, it doesn’t go unrecognised that the city-state is located a mere one-degree to the north of the equator. One Degree North (SGD 26) explores the versatility of Rachelle’s Apricot Tea Mead made from Asia’s first meadery in Singapore, mixed seamlessly with apple juice and toasty oolong tea.

Future Facades

The journey continues with ‘Future Facades,’ a chapter dedicated to innovative ways to build better, and draws parallels between the art of mixology and architecture. Much like the integration of smart solutions to bolster the performance and functionality of buildings; this series of cocktails explores the creative technologies MO Bar employs in its mixology to place it at the forefront of 21st Century cocktail culture.

Aptly inspired by Singapore’s slew of land reclamation projects, Reclaimed Slings (SGD 26) is a twist on the city’s globally-celebrated gin-based cocktail, first created in 1915, and uses a classic milk wash technique for an added richness. To complete the experience, the beverage is served with a housemade lollipop made of ingredients used to build the drink. The addition of the lollipop ensures that no ingredients go to waste, while simultaneously evoking a sense of play and nostalgia for life’s simple pleasures. Elysium (SGD 26) is MO BAR’s take on a Wet Martini, balanced and served on a visually-arresting marble Cliffhanger glass crafted by Stockholm-based industrial designer, Anni Cernea. The drink combines traditional rice Tokki Soju with a bread and wine reduction as well as hints of aloe vera that renders it towards the saccharine to create a rounded drinking experience. The result is a delicate, complex and zero-waste cocktail that will keep discerning martini lovers coming back for more.

Filled with fresh and spicy character, Eden (SGD 26) is a cocktail that contains a kaleidoscope of robust apple flavours from Laird’s 100 Proof Applejack, pickled peppers from St. George Green Chile Vodka, floral aromas from Manzanilla sherry and tanginess from sudachi limes that hail from the heart of Japan. It stands in contrast to the Float (SGD 26), where earthy and sophisticated aromas of black truffle first captivate before the indulgence of Mancino Chinoto-soaked figs tantalises the palate.


Singapore’s skyline and the architecture it encompasses is nothing short of breathtaking. As day turns to night, a vibrant mosaic of structures stand out with an electrifying pulse running through them.

Seeking to make an impression as bold as the downtown skyline, Urban ‘87 (SGD 26) is a bubbly twist on a classic Grasshopper cocktail, rounded off with a touch of absinthe that pays homage to a time of unrivalled creativity and courage to forge a skyline that defied convention; absinthe is a spirit commonly associated with an era of boundless creativity in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, the choice of drink for artists, architects, and creatives. Here at MO BAR, this beverage is stirred with Tempus Fugit Spirits Crème de Cacao, where the velvety notes of cacao swirl seamlessly with modern absinthe and mint to reinvigorate the senses.

Also with the cityscape in mind, Skyscraper (SGD 26) takes on a fruitier spin with notes of kaffir lime, rambutan and coconut to create a vibrant structure reminiscent of the dynamic pulse that underlines our Singapore skyline.

Venturing to the south of Singapore, The Henderson Wave (SGD 26) mimics the structure of the iconic bridge perched 36 metres above ground that was unveiled in 2008. Its taste structure emulates the undulating shape of waves constructed by Balau wood — a dense hardwood that is found only in the region of Southeast Asia — to present a symphony of complex flavours. The drink combines carbonated Mackintosh Blended Malt Scotch and subtle hints of chrysanthemum and gentian.

Food menu

A refreshed selection of bar snacks will also be available alongside the new menu. Indulge in Truffle Lobster Rolls (SGD 42), a classic signature served with truffle bearnaise and ikura, while the Laksa French Fries (SGD 18) is poised as the ultimate finger food featuring authentic Singaporean flavours, topped with crispy kale and paired with a rich laksa crème.

For a heartier option, savour the Lobster Laksa (SGD 42) — an elevated take on a humble Singaporean favourite featuring succulent Maine lobster in a fragrant coconut broth, while the Truffle Cheese Naan (SGD 20) is a common favourite at embu’s buffet line-up and one that’s surely not to be missed as a late night snack.

MO BAR: The Home of Innovative Mixology

Along with the new menu, MO BAR’s revamp comes with a refreshed space that beckons discerning patrons, industry professionals, and world-renowned bartenders.

Beyond the captivating main bar, the stage is set with a dual guest bar, primed to create an environment for exceptional guest shifts to take place alongside the MO BAR team. It is also home to an intimate, sealed-off counter perfect for longer residencies, where acclaimed mixologists can shake up their signature cocktails and bring their unique concepts to the shores of Singapore from all around the world.

Guests can get ready for a calendar brimming with exciting special events and nights of revelry as MO BAR solidifies its mission to elevate the Singapore cocktail scene, and bring the pinnacle of bartending excellence and a taste that is Exceptionally Singapore, to our doorstep.