KTC Partners up and Reveals 3 Strategies to Boost Tourism Spendingand Reinforce “KTC: The Only Card, All You Need to Travel With” concept

KTC reveals that credit card spending in the travel category continues to grow post-COVID-19, aiming to offer members special and unique travel experiences through 3 main strategies: 1) Securing online travel spending through exclusive privileges from over 100 leading travel websites. Enhance convenience by revamping KTC website to serve as “one-stop” travel promotion hub. 2) Expanding the high purchasing power member base through stronger partnerships with both domestic and overseas travel merchants. 3) Reinforcing service quality of KTC World Travel Service rovided by the experts and reliable professionals, and enhancing stronger brand recognition as “KTC: The Only Card, All You Need to Travel with.” KTCanticipates that by year-end, the travel category will maintain its domination in the industry, achieving a growth rate of over 20%.

Mrs. Pranaya Nithananon, Head of Credit Card Marketing, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, stated that one crucial strategy driving KTC’s overall retail spending growth as targeted is the stimulation of the travel spend. In the first quarter of 2024, this group hit the second-highest growth among all categories. Moreover, KTC travel spenders’ behaviors have evolved significantly, many plan their trips, maximizing online channels to discover tourist attractions, book tickets, hotels, and “travel with purpose”, tailoring their itineraries and activities to suit unique lifestyles and preferences .

For 2024, KTC has devised 3 strategies to boost tourism spending and expand the travel member base. The overarching aim is to achieve a growth rate exceeding 20% by the year’s end compared to 2023 figures and becoming top of mind on “KTC: The Only Card, All You Need to Travel with” concept. The strategies include:

1. Strengthen online travel spending with special privileges from over 100 leading travel partners across tourism industry. This initiative provides KTC credit card members with added convenience while serves as an extended channels for participating travel partners. A revamped website supports as a One-Stop Online Travel Hub, simplifying deals search and decision-making with up to 50% discount privileges.

2. Expand the high purchasing power member base after observing the sustained growth in travel and overseas spending among individuals with incomes exceeding 50,000 baht, KTC has partnered with full-service airlines to offer tailored privileges catering to their needs. These privileges cover overseas establishments, including renowned shopping destinations worldwide. Simultaneously, KTC also prioritizes domestic tourism by collaborating with internationally acclaimed hotels to launch various member-exclusive campaigns.

3. Reinforce service quality through KTC World Travel Service for KTC credit cardmembers. This trusted service is provided by our expert professionals who are reliable and promptly accessible, ensuring seamless communication and the provision of valuable advice and helpful information. Members also have the option to enjoy 0% interest installments for up to 6 months or redeem KTC FOREVER points for additional discounts on all products, terms and conditions applied.

Furthermore, KTC reinforces its position as a leader in the travel sector through robust collaborations with diverse travel partners, airlines, hotels, rental car agencies, and overseas tourism organizations from various countries including Swiss Tourism / Japan Tourism Organization (JNTO) / Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) / Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), and Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) that help ensure that the travel category and products offered through KTC World Travel Service stand out, delivering exceptional and tailored experiences to meet the varied needs of our members.

Mrs. Pranaya concluded by emphasizing that KTC gives importance to responsible tourism, aiming for economic, social, and environmental sustainability. This commitment is exemplified by partnerships like the one with Cathay Pacific Airways that promotes sustainable tourism and contributes to society through the “1 Ticket 1 Tree” project. KTC also introduces green travel products through the KTC World Travel Service, including rail passes, tram cards, electric rental cars (EVs), and community based travel packages.

Those interested in travel privileges can find more information at or contact KTC World Travel Service Tel. 02 123 5050 directly. To apply for any KTC credit card, click the link: or visit any “KTC TOUCH” branches nationwide.

Remark: It is advisable for credit cardholders to use their cards responsibly and repay the full amount as scheduled to avoid incurring an annual interest rate of 16%.