Chengdu Courtyard Hotel, China Named Asia-Pacific’s Top Heritage Hotels at NOW Travel Asia Awards 2024

Chengdu Courtyard Hotel in China is delighted to announce its prestigious recognition as Asia-Pacific’s Top Heritage Hotel at the NOW Travel Asia Awards 2024. The award was presented to Chengdu Courtyard Hotel during the Gala Ceremony held in Bangkok on March 29, 2024.

NOW Travel Asia Awards celebrate excellence in the travel and hospitality industry across the Asia-Pacific region, specifically recognizing heritage hotels that excel in preserving heritage, providing exceptional guest experiences, and embodying cultural significance.

As a leading heritage hotel, Chengdu Courtyard Hotel is honored to receive this prestigious award. The hotel stands as a true embodiment of Chengdu’s rich cultural heritage, offering guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the city’s history and traditions.

With its traditional courtyard architecture, elegant interiors, and unwavering commitment to preserving Chengdu’s heritage, Chengdu Courtyard Hotel provides guests with an authentic and unforgettable stay.

From its meticulously preserved architecture to its warm and inviting ambiance, Chengdu Courtyard Hotel sets the standard for heritage hotels in the Asia-Pacific region.

With a strong focus on heritage preservation and guest satisfaction, Chengdu Courtyard Hotel continues to offer guests an unparalleled experience of Chengdu’s rich cultural heritage.

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