Zao Fox Village, Japan

Japan is apparently covered in magical and adorable animal sanctuaries. Japanese cat and bunny islands are very famous. But who knows, Japan has a fox village, a place where hundreds of fluffy foxes can walk freely and attack the visitors with their cute. In Japan, people believe that fox is a messenger of Inari Okami, deity of fertility, prosperity and rice. This magical village of foxiness is called Zao Fox Village located in the mountain near  Shiroishi. To enter the village, there is an admission fee. You can buy the food for the foxes. When you enter the village, the staff will explain the rules in Japanese. There also has a sign showing what you can do and cannot do.

The first part of the village is like a zoo. You will see foxes in the cages, some bunnies, miniature horses and goats. You can snap photo with them. Walking further to the inside of the village, you’ll feel like you are walking in the wild when you enter the opened area that foxes can walk freely. Some foxes scamper up to you, some run away and some sleep under the ladder or trees.

The village has little houses for the foxes, a shrine and souvenir shop. The area around the village is also beautiful and fun to walk around.







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