Xichang, China

Located in southern Sichuan, Xichang is known widely known for its space center or the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and there is a good reason why it was chosen. The weather here lends excellent condition for a space launch; Xichang is not too cold in the winter, not too hot in the summer, and sunny all year round, meaning that it’s an excellent destination for tourism as well. Being quite rural, Xichang is often overlooked as an underdeveloped region, but in reality, it is home to rich natural resources, unique tribal cultures, and strong hospitality and tourism industries.

Luoji Mountain


If you ask the locals about their favourite getaway spot, Luoji Mountain would definitely be one to the top answers. The mountain is only an hour drive from downtown Xichang but it feels like a world away from every modern society. With 2,400 km2 of natural wonders, Luoji Mountain commands a number of spectacular peaks and attractive sceneries that change dramatically from season to season. During winter, the peaks are covered in snow and the glacial flows and lakes freeze, but as spring arrives, colours return to the mountain with flowers blossoms and the lakes sparkle in bright blues and greens.

Luoji Mountain can be an excellent one day trip from Xichang. However, if you are planning an overnight or a camping trip, the village at the foot of the mountain provides a number of guesthouses, but accommodation option gets smaller very quickly as you climb up the mountain.

Qionghai Lake

Located just 5 km southeast of Xinchang City, Qionghai Lake is the second largest lake in Sichuan and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the prefecture. The lake is embraced in the peaceful arms of lush green Lushan Mountain in the south and the majestic Daliangshan Mountain in the east, making it naturally rich and spectacular. The beautiful sceneries also earned the lake the reputation of one of the greatest scenes in Xichang.

As season changes, Qionghai Lake reveals its different faces to the world. There are many faces to the magical sceneries of Qionghai Lake don’t varied with the season. In spring, the lake and its surroundings are kissed by lively willow trees and pink peach flowers, then comes the summer when reflections of distant mountains, trees, temples, and villages all combined to create stunning panoramas. Autumn arrives and the leaves say goodbye to the trees, creating a rather lonely yet romantic scenery around the lake. The circle ends with the winter breeze blowing softly as red maples stand by the side of monasteries and pavilions, revealing another kind of beauty against the background of the lake.

Lushan Mountain

Not far from the fascinating Qionghai Lake, Lushan Mountain introduces itself on the horizon with its highest peak, Shamao Peak, topping over 2,300 meters above sea level. The mountain is the natural green screen for Xichang with arrays of towering ancient trees, including the 2,000 years old Tree King of Sichuan, and varieties of animals.

In addition to the abundance of floras and faunas, Lushan Mountain seamlessly combined its natural beauty with the historic buildings and local tradition to create a unique cultural landscape which embodies outstanding aesthetic value powerfully associated with Chinese spiritual and cultural life.

Paxton Vacances Hotel Xichang

Where else in Xichang would you stay if not by the side of Xichang’s most popular attraction – Qionghai Lake. Embraces by the tranquil hills and the peaceful lake, Paxton Vacances Qionghai Bay boasts ravishing lakeside landscapes, pleasant sunshine all year round, and perfectly blended cultural and natural sceneries. The rooms and suites are designed with ambience and comfort in mind, with plush beds, wooden furniture, and hardwood floor, as well as stunning views of the landscaped garden and the lake from the expansive balcony.

As a luxury getaway hotel, Paxton Vacances Qionghai Bay features all the amenities and facilities of top 5-star hotels, including excellent meeting facilities, a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, a children park, and myriad of recreational amenities. The hotel’s signature Tea Restaurant also offers delicately prepared Chinese and French dishes in an elegant atmosphere with outdoor lake view.


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