‘When the Buckwheat Blossoms Bloom’ in Bongpyeong, Korea

'When the Buckwheat Blossoms Bloom' in Bongpyeong, Korea

‘When Buckwheat Blossoms Bloom’ is a well-known short story written by Lee Hyo Seok, a beloved Korean author. Lee Hyo Seok used his hometown, Bongpyeong Township in Pyeongchang County as a backdrop to his famous story which perfectly demonstrates the connection between human life and beauty of nature. To honour and commemorate his importance to Korean literature, Memorial Village and Festival are created in Bongpyeong Township.


Designated as the first national cultural village, Lee Hyo Seok Culture Village with the memorial hall inside was built in 1990. It features a narrow stream, the author’s birth house, water mill house, a modest thatched house, buckwheat museum and miniature dioramas of the novel. Stroll through the village to witness Lee Hyo Seok’s valuable documents and the exhibition of the chronology of the writer’s works, or fill your belly at a mock-up of the old Bongpyeong Marketplace.


In the end of August to early September, the prime time of blossom season, Lee Hyo Seok Cultural Festival, the annual festival in buckwheat theme takes place. The festival comprises multiple events such as essay contest, a photo contest, a colourful parade and a variety of films and performances related to Buckwheat Blossoms. Walk along the endless path with your beloved or ride a little donkey to spot the spellbinding scenery of snow fields of buckwheat flowers. Apart from joyful events, the collections of buckwheat based food await you to sample.

To access there, take an intercity bus to Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal, and hop on a local bus bound for Bongpyeong or Phoenix Park shuttle bus.

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