Wandering through a dream in Barcelona

The second-largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia,  Barcelona is a city for everyone, from family travellers to the cruise ship crowds to the group of young travellers. It is the city that has everything from the cosmopolitan atmosphere, relaxed pace of life, astonishing architecture, fanciful cuisine, and invincible climate.

The streets of this bustling city are lined with stunning works of architecture, from Gothic churches to Antoni Gaudí’s surreal buildings, as well as the modern sites. As it is the beachside city, it surely has gorgeous beaches and some of best seafood in all of Europe.

The prime time to visit Barcelona is during the summer because the beaches are in the top form, and full of outdoor concerts and events but it means Barcelona is crowded with tons of people. Spring and Autumn are also good times to visit as the weather is fairer and the city is less crowded.

The must-see attractions in Barcelona, a bustling city are Wander Gaudi’s Architecture, the unique style buildings by the most famous architect of Barcelona, Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, the most breathtaking church, La Rambla Street, a famous street full of street performers and museums which display artworks of several famous artists like Picasso.

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