True Love For Gastronomy – Michlelin Chef Terry Giacomello

Beijing China, August 15, 2017 – Michelin Chef Terry Giacomello is one of the world’s
leading head chefs seasoned with experiences at famous restaurants around the globe. He
creates gastronomic masterpiece with avant-garde technique, conveying through his
cuisine a new way to relish a unique experience at Barolo with Chef Amedeo Ferri during
August 25 to 28, 2017.
Chef Terry comes from Aviano Italy, in a family with 40 years of experience in
hospitality and catering. He started out at his family’s restaurant near Pordenone, is
passionate about his profession, which he pursues with the modesty of the greats, the
dedication of an aficionado and the courage of an innovator. He knows that nothing is
off-limits in the kitchen, and that you don’t have to stick to tradition to appreciate local
Chef Terry at Parma’s Michelin-starred “Inkiostro” restaurant since 2015, it’s not just the
restaurant that’s stellar, just as impressive is Terry’s CV, which includes stints at the
temples of global gastronomy. From René Redzepi’s “Noma” to Ferran Adrià’s “El
Bulli”, voted the world’s best restaurants for many years by the British monthly

Chef Terry offers a five-course set lunch menu and eight-course set dinner menu,
showcasing 65/25 Egg with Oyster; Smoked Eggplant Cream with Raspberry, Scallop
with Poppy Pâté and Roma Tomato Jam, Veal Tenderloin with Hibiscus and more. Chef
Terry likes to create dishes, especially combining ingredients from different culinary
traditions or ones which have never been put together before.

“Cooking is a language, a means of expression. It’s about making customers happy for a
while, ensuring they have fun and feel included.” said by Patrick Weder, general manager
of The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing, “we are delighted to invite Michelin-starred chef Terry to
create memorable dining experience for our guests.”
Time: 11:30am to 2:00 pm; 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m., August 25th to 28th, 2017
August 26th – 28th Lunch: RMB 588 net per person, 5-course set menu
August 25th – 27th Dinner: RMB 988 net per person, 8-course set menuAugust 28th, Chinese Valentine’s Day Dinner: RMB 1515 net per couple, 8-course set
Wine Paring RMB 388 per person
Venue: Barolo, 2nd floor, The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing
Reservations: 86.10.5908 8151

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