Traverse to Slovenia

Besieged by the Eastern Alps, the Adriatic Sea, the Balkans, Slovenia is located in the heart of Europe. It is the first country in the world to be declared a green destination based on the Green Destinations Criteria. Slovenia offers a selection of various destinations ranging from vibrant cities, to charming villages, snow-covered mountains as well as scenic beaches. Add Slovenia on the list of your getaway. Here’s 


Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia is tinier than others capitals in Europe but it has an outstanding glamour that makes it worth to be on your plan. Visit the castles and medieval squares in the Old Town or witness the original Roman city walls in the well-known Tivoli Park. Don’t miss Tromostovje, the Triple Bridge where three artistic bridges span the river next to each other.

Lake Bled

Besieged by the Julian Alps, Lake Bled is an entry to the Triglav National Park. The lake itself also offers charming attractions and several activities. This emerald green lake houses a 17th-century church settled on the small islands in the middle of the lake. The lake is not large so you can ride a horse or walk around in a single afternoon. Apart from that, rent a boat to admire the lake and the church up close is quite interesting. If you want some adventure, let’s climb up to the Bled Castle to view the speechless scenery of the lake.

Triglav National Park

If you’re the adventure lovers and look for some adventurous in Slovenia, Triglav National Park is the ideal place. With its highlights such as the towering peak of Mount Triglav and serene Lake Bohinj, most of the park is nestled in the Julian Alps. The park offers myriad activities ranging from riding the Vogel Cable Car, hiking Mount Triglav, crossing the Vintgar Gorge on a 19th-century wooden footbridge and climbing a steep staircase to see the rushing water of Savica Waterfall.


Located in Southwest Slovenia, this small town draws tons of travellers to visit its particular attractions and spellbinding natural scenery. This town boasts its extensive cave system with a staggering 20 km (13 miles) of chambers, hallways and galleries, some of which have ceilings nearly 50 meters (150 feet) high. You can tour around the cave system by the train or venture through some intriguing sections of the underground environment. Once you go there, don’t miss the medieval castle at the north of Postojna. Built into the side of a cave, the castle created a spectacular display of engineering.


Piran is the resort hotspot on the tip of Southwestern Slovenia and the coast of the Adriatic Sea. For more than five centuries, it was a part of the Venetian Empire so Piran is reminiscent of Italy offering quaint, historic and scenic landmarks including the main square called Tartinijev Trg, the city’s oldest building named Venetian House and the Church of St. George. Let’s walk on top of city’s wall or jump off from the pier to the Adriatic Sea.


Ptuj is a city on the banks of the Drava River in Eastern Slovenia. Ranked as one of the oldest cities in Slovenia, this city offers the collection of historical architecture consisting of Orpheus Monument in the Roman times, the collection of art and artifacts in the Ptuj Grad, the Town Hall built in 1907 and the 13th century Dominican Monastery which is now the largest museum in Slovenia. Come to Pruj in spring season to participate Kurentovanje, the annual carnival event.


Celje is a small city nestled on the banks of the Savinja River and another oldest city in Slovenia. The must-see attraction is the enormous castle which is built in the 14th century. From the castle, you will see the bird-eye-view of all the city. Stroll along the cobblestone paths in the historic downtown to admire the medieval architecture and grab from foods at traditional eateries in the Old Celje, the historic downtown.

Kranjska Gora

Situated in the northwest of Slovenia, Kranjska Gora is well-known for winter sports enthusiasts. During the winter season, Kranjska Gora is crowded with people coming to ski and snowboard while in the summer, it welcomes some hikers and visitors who come to unwind. Kranjska Gora is also an ideal spot to relax in upscale hotels and dine at world-class restaurants.


Koper is a coastal town and major port of Slovenia offering several delightful attractions.  You can tour around Tito Square, the heart of the city, explore the Praetorian Palace or climb the bell tower of Campanile for spellbinding view of the city. You can also have a picnic and swim in the sunshine at the free public access beach.


Located along the banks of Drava River and close to the Austrian border, Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia. Maribor is famous for its wine growing industries located around the city and its endless outdoor recreation activities. The highlights of Maribor is the Stara Trta, the world’s oldest vine. Go on the wine tour to the famous Old Vine House and the huge Vinag Wine Cellar. Don’t forget to add the major squares where the attractive and historic architecture awaits to discover including Slomškov Square, Main Square and Castle Square in your list of must-see attraction in Maribor.

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