The 168 Lounge & Restaurant

Hidden by the tranquil bank of Mae Ping River, Zensala Chiang Mai is a zen-inspired boutique hotel that offers idyllic location, dramatic atmosphere of Chiang Mai’s iconic river, and the easy-going lifestyle of the locals. The hotel’s swimming pool, terrace, and lawn intuitively face the river, allowing the guests to sit back and watch the world slowly flows along with the calming river.

Besides luxury slow-life, this stylish modern minimalist hotel also highlights exceptional culinary experience at its signature restaurant, 168 Lounge & Restaurant. Although the restaurant boasted some of the best Mae Ping River scenes in both indoor and outdoor dining room, it feels very friendly and casual as if you are dining in the comfort of your home, but with excellent food and services at your disposal.

The menu covers a wide range of dishes with focuses on Thai and western cuisines – all carefully crafted by experienced team of chefs. A great way to start a meal is the recommended Blue Fin Tuna Avocado made from fresh blue fin tuna, avocado, and special homemade sauce.

The signature menu of 168 is their fresh made classic pizza which you can choose 2 different kind of pizzas in 1 pan. The pizza goes extremely well with side dishes like Scallop n’ tomato caprese which is made from top grade scallops, parmesans cheese, and special sauce.

The restaurant also have refreshing smoothie menus known for using fresh seasonal fruits and delicious recipe. With excellent atmosphere, services, and food, Zensala and 168 Lounge and Restaurant guarantee an impressive trip you’ll keep in your mind for times to come.

Zensala Riverpark Resort

168 Patan Rd. Patan, Mueang Chiang Mai, Thailand

Telephone: +66 (53) 225 888


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