Strolling Through Feng Huang Ancient Town

Located in southwest of Hunan Province, at the foot of a mountain, and along the banks of Tuojiang river, Feng Huang is an ancient town with a long history. Its name means phoenix in Chinese. It was named after the flying phoenix shaped mountain behind the town. Feng Huang is still being kept their original Ming and Qing style buildings even 300 years has passed. Ancient lanes and alleys, as well as ancient town walls in the Feng Huang Ancient Town are also well preserved.

The scene of wooden houses built on the stilts mysteriously hanging over the rock and the stone roads are very typical. Especially in the misty day, when all over the town is in the mist, you will find the reason why Feng Huang is the top ancient town in China. The picture of unique ancient houses with the green forest in the morning mist as the backdrop is a breathtaking view that you could not find anywhere else.

Apart from the stunning scenery, Feng Huang is also rich of history and culture. It is a guide book to the ancient time of China. It was built in 1704 and now Feng Huang is added in UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

Feng Huang town has two parts: old town and new town. The old town which is the main tourist area leans against hills and faces the crystal Tuojiang river. The new town is the residential area for local people.

Travelling here, you will find Diaojiaolou, a unique style building along the river bank, the great wall built in Ming Dynasty, several ancient streets and many ancient residents including Huangsiqiao Castle, Xiangxi Border Walls, Chaoyang Palace, Longevity Palace, Heavenly King Temple and etc. If you have time, don’t forget to take a boat cruise along Tuojiang river to spot Diaojiaolou buildings and Chinese local life.

To get there, shuttle bus is only one transportation to Feng Huang ancient town. The most convenient and safest way is taking the shuttle bus from Zhangjiajie to Feng Huang.

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