Street Art in George Town


Strolling through the street is not boring anymore when you’re in George Town, Penang. Since becoming a World Heritage Site in 2008, George Town has developed a dynamic street art scene.

The Penang Municipal Council commissioned Ernest Zacharevic and many local artists to create a street art project called ‘Mirrors George Town.’ The project is to paint large scale murals representing characters and scenes that celebrate the energy and playfulness of life in the inner city in various location of the old town.

These murals have transformed normal streets into more lively, witty and intriguing ones. Here’re some examples of street art in George Town.

On Ah Quee Street, there are two paintings. First one is ‘Boy on a Bike.’ It is a picture of a boy wearing an unstrapped motorcycle helmet ‘sitting’ on a motorcycle. Another one is ‘Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur’ which is next to ‘boy on a bike.’ It is a picture of a boy trying to pull a leash of an outline sketch of a dinosaur.   

On Cannon Street, there’s a fresco named ‘Reaching Up.’ It is a painting of a young boy reaching up to a window sill.

Walking around trying to find the street art in Georgetown is an awesome activity. You do not only find several kinds of street art to snap a photo with but also discover so much more of the city.

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