Sofitel Macau has tailor-made a series of seasonal F&B and Spa offers in this spring, come and join us now!


Mango Afternoon Tea Set

Mangoes are juicy stone fruit from numerous species of tropical trees. Its sweet flavour, fragrant and multi-vitamins characters attracts many fans. RendezVous Lobby Bar offers an afternoon tea set featuring mangoes from 1 March to 30 April. We choose the fresh mangoes from Luzon, Philippines, which are abundant throughout the year. You can taste Mango Mini Burger Sushi and Prosciutto Di Parma with Mango Ball Pistachio. For the perfect match of mango and seafood taste, you can try Salmon Mango Tartar, Deep-fried Prawn Roll with Fresh Mango and Prawn Mango Skewers with Mango Salsa. For the sweet lover, don’t miss out a series of classic desserts such as Mango Creme Brulee, Mango Mille Feuille with Passion Chantilly, and Mango Tart with Chocolate Chantilly.


A Taste of Thai Dinner Buffet

Thai New Year’s festival Songkran is coming up in April, you may plan to visit Thailand and to try the authentic cuisine. Now you can have this chance at Mistral as we have launched A Taste of Thai Dinner Buffet from 1 March to 30 April. We have brought here signature dishes from Thai street food: LOOK CHIN PING (Assorted Food Skewer with Spicy Thai Dips), GAI YOUG (Assorted Grill Meat) and TANG TROU (Thai Taro Coconut Custard). Other delicacies on rotation such as like Thai Fish Cake, Chicken in Pandan Leaf and Pork Satay; 8 types of Thai salads: Beef Salad, Salmon Salad, Mango and Crispy Fish Salad, Crab Salad and more; 5 types of curry dishes: Curry Fish, Green Curry Beef with Chili, Lamb Massaman Curry, White Curry Mix Seafood and Yellow Curry Chicken. If you want to challenge spicy dishes, please try Stir-fried Pork with Thai Chili Paste, Stir-fried Pork with Yellow Chili Paste, Stir-fried Spicy Mix Seafood. Last but not least, get satisfied with Thai desserts such as Thai Jackfruit Sago and Layer Cake.


All You Can Eat – Cantonese Seafood Dinner

Seafood is always the best choice for dining. Come and enjoy all you can eat Cantonese Seafood with different cooking styles on your own choice at Le Chinois. A wide selection of seafood served such as clams and jade frozen, you can have them with wok-fried black pepper or black bean sauce. As for the razor clam, baby abalone, half shell Japanese scallop and baby geoduck, you can have them steamed with superior soy sauce, black bean sauce or pickled chili. Other Cantonese stir-fried seafood and main courses are also ready for you, such as Deep-Fried Harpadon Nehereus with Salt & Pepper, Braised salmon Head with Ginger and Onion, Sautéed Crispy Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk. Other soups, rice, noodles and desserts are also available.

Yum cha, or dim sum brunch with Chinese tea is the most popular and well-known form of Cantonese traditional cuisine. In Le Chinois, you can try a great array of new dishes in 5 categories: steamed, pan-fried & deep-fried, steamed rice flour rolls, congee and desserts, such as Steamed Colorful Prawn Dumplings, Steamed Seaweed Rolls in Egg White Sauce, Deep-fried Stuffed Vegetable in Black Bean Sauce, Steamed Dumpling in Chao Zhou Style and more.


The Art of Truffle – 4-Course Set Menu

Black truffles, known as black diamonds, are fancy, valuable but scarce food in the world. Privé, as an upscale French restaurant, has tailor-made a new 4 -course set menu with black truffles. First, you can enjoy the appetizer –Pan-fried Scallops with Slow-Cooked Egg Yolk, Potato Foam and Black Truffles, the soup – Creamy Black Truffle with Bacon Powder and Mushroom Soup. These two dishes are both made in French classic style. Followed by the main course which has implemented other premium ingredients – Slow-Cooked Australian Beef Tenderloin and Pan-fried Foie Gras and Black Truffle Sauce. Last, you can enjoy the refreshing dessert – The Pineapple Tasting (Pineapple soup with pineapple espuma, tartar, truffle sorbet, black truffle & French toast) to bring you a new surprise.

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