Roam around Guilin, the Heaven on Earth

Located in South China, Guilin is the glittering pearl with the amazing karst topography, crystal clear rivers and lakes, lush mountains and mysterious caves. For decades, Guilin was proclaimed that its landscape is the best under heaven and it’s not the exaggeration. Wandering through Guiling, you’ll find stunning scenery and relaxing leisure.

Situated in a subtropical monsoon zone with four distinct seasons and high humidity, Guilin allows travellers to visit all year round but the prime time is during April and October when the weather is cozy and the view is alluring. Here’s the list of top things to do in Guilin.

Cruise along the Li River

Hoping on the boat or bamboo raft and savor the stunning scenery of Li River, one of world’s watery wonders is recommended activity while travelling around Guilin. This ink-painting-like river provides different feels in different periods of the year. During April and June, you will see the river covered with mist and rain while between July and October, the river is crystal clear and the weather is warm. If you visit the river during November to March, you will see the river without crowd.

Hike along the Li River

If you are adventure lover, let’s try this activity, hiking along the Li River. Hike slowly, stop here and there by the river and immerse your feet. To appreciate more beauty of Li River, you can camp for a night to spot the sunset and sunrise.

Discover the largest cave

Reputed as the largest and most alluring cave in Guilin, Reed Flute Cave is a spellbinding gallery of natural sculptures enhanced with vibrant lighting. There you will find a large number of weird and wonderful shaped rock formations as well as several inscriptions written in ink.

Walk/Cruise the City Lakes

Two rivers (the Li and the Taohua) and four lakes (Rong, Shan, Gui and Mulong) in Guilin provides a continuous scenic waterway through the centre of Guilin city. On the Shan Lake, there’re two towers, sun and moon. The sun tower is painted in Gold colour and lit with bright yellow lights during the night while the moon tower has deep brown beams and aqua eaves. You can take the cruise to witness Guilin’s serene hill and water scenery, along with traditional Chinese constructions, ancient inscriptions on the bridge arches and well-preserved lake frontage. Walking around the bank of lakes is another way to appreciate the stunning scenery.

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