Revitalise your body and mind with “Fantastic Thai” at Breeze Spa

For years, Thai massage has earned its long-standing reputation of sophisticated massage techniques that stimulate the flow of life throughout the body. Combining Thai holistic philosophy with vigorous deep tissue massage, Breeze Spa recommends Fantastic Thai, a set of Thai-inspired treatments to eliminate toxins and relax tight muscles, as well as excite your senses and revitalise both body and mind.

Fantastic Thai consists of:

  • Asana Thai Yoga Bodywork 60-minute massage

    Thai Yoga Bodywork uses a special form of yoga that merges rhythmic massage with assisted yoga poses and acupressure along the body’s pressure points, known in Thai as “Sen”. Healing energy works to restore mobility and flexibility while releasing blocked energy.

  • Kaya Thai REAL-EASE 60-minute massage

    Combining Thai holistic philosophy with vigorous deep tissue massage, these techniques will reinvigorate tired muscles after targeting specific stress areas.

  • Energised: Thai the Knot 60-minute massage

    This traditional Thai massage starts with more than 10 traditional Thai herbs to create a warm herbal compress that exudes earthy aromas and healing goodness to loosen up the body. After the compress, prepare to be stretched and kneaded as you feel all the knots in your body unwind. The result? A newfound spring in your step and the energy to make tomorrow even better than today.

Price per treatment starts at THB 1,800 nett

Special offer when booking two treatments (per room) during a stay: guests will receive a 30-minute head and shoulder massage for FREE (terms and conditions apply.) This promotion is available from 1 June to 20 December 2017.

For more details or to make an appointment, please visit

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