Located in Western Pacific Ocean in between Guam and the Philippines,

Republic of Palau is a group of more than 500 islets and an untamed paradise

for both divers and snorkelers. Three main islands of Palau are Koror island,

the heart of Palau, Peleliu island, the leftover remnants of WWII and Babeldaob island

where the capital city of Palau is situated in. Palau houses several most healthiest and

magnificent UNESCO-listed reefs. Look at the lists of the best dive site, you will find Blue Corner,

Diving into the deep blue

See-through waters bequeath underwater visibility beyond anyone’s imagination.

So much so that from the most immaculate shorelines in the world, a boat 50 meters

beyond creates the magical illusion that it floats merely on air, with its conspicuous

shadow cast on a translucent seabed a few feet beneath. A prism of colorful coral reefs

and virtually limitless variety of sea life set the stage in this tropical paradise. From

beginners and intermediate to expert divers, there are over 50 existing dive sites, each

possessing distinct characteristics and individual personalities to appeal to everyone’s desires:

Blue Corner

Nestled in northwest of Ngemelis Island, Blue Corner is the most picked scuba dive site

in Palau. It is renown for its strong unpredictable currents. The reef hook is needed to

steady yourself. After hooking, the divers will capable to see bustling group of myriad fish

consisting of Anthias, butterflyfish, and the ever popular Napoleon wrasse floating

amongst the drifted currents. Blue Corner, arguably one of the best in the world and the

most famous of Palau’s underwater attractions, shows off constantly cruising gray reef

sharks searching the rich waters for their prey. Diving deeper and deeper under the sea,

you will spot more and more wonderful scenery ranging from sea of gorgonian fans, soft

corals, and anemones, the reef wall to huge cavern. White tips sharks and grey reef

sharks are easily spot in this site.

Jellyfish Lake

Located in Eil Malk Island, the major island of the world-famous Rock Islands,

Eil Malk Lake or Jellyfish lake is a house of millions harmless Golden jellyfish.

The lake has been cut off from the sea for millions year and this phenomena makes a

small, transparent jellyfish losing their poisonous stings. Snorkeling leisurely amongst

these cute and gentle creatures is such a wonderful experience.

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