Mix Restaurant & Bar

Open your senses to premium grade ingredients cooked with various culinary technique and served in an impressive ambience within the bustling Nimmanhaemin Soi 1. Mix Restaurant’s fusion food and atmosphere has earned this famous restaurant a number of gracious awards, including Asia’s top Fine Dining Restaurants 2013 – 2016 from NOW Travel Asia, Thailand Best Restaurants Award 2012 – 2017, Top Ten Best Restaurants 2015, and Top People’s Choice Awards Thailand 2016.

Each dish is delicately designed and crafted as “customer happiness” and the whole sensory experience is the goal of Mix. Starting from the succulent Spaghetti with mud crab, perfectly cooked spaghetti served with deliciously aromatic mud crab that can be smelled from across the table, for a reasonable 580 Baht.

The second mouth-watering menu to try is the Princess Bean In Spicy Coconut Sauce Salad Served With Slow Cooked Egg; the Thai style salad complement superbly with fresh prawns and calamari for just 195 Baht.

The third, and probably the highlight of Mix, is the signature “17 hr. Slow – cooked beef short rib” grilled with gravy, BBQ Sauce and mustard. The menu may look like simple grilled ribs, but it’s a combination of advanced technique and skills. Carefully selected KU beef ribs are sous vide at 70 oC for 17 hours until thoroughly cooked through. At this stage, the soft and juicy ribs are grilled with gravy, BBQ sauce and mustard to add extra punch to the menu. After the cooking endurance, it’s surprising to see the succulent ribs priced at only 450 Baht.

To make the meal complete, Mix proudly presents the reconstructed Blueberry Cheese Pie with crumbles, blueberry powder and Ice cream. The cream cheese used in the menu has to go through the vacuum process to create little air pockets before frozen which give it an extra light texture, while the blueberry puree on top gives the menu a rich berry flavor and the crumble adds the complete texture to the dish – all this for 175 Baht.
The last recommended menu is actually in the drink section. The Raspberry Rose Sparkler fuses aromatic rose aroma from real rose petal with refreshing flavor of Raspberry Vodka and sparkling mineral water. The refreshing after dinner cocktail costs only 190 Baht and it’s a great way to end a fine dining experience.

Address: 36 Nimmanhaemin Soi 1, Nimmanmhaemin Road

Telephone: (+66) 89 757 7778, (+66) 89 433 2332 



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