Kiyora Spa

Service Excellence” @ a Chiang Mai Spa

What does “Service Excellence” have to do with a spa? At Kiyora, we try to do “100 things 100 times better”! 

Kiyora Spa is a provider of Thai-Lanna massage modalities incorporated with Western massage techniques. Including a FREE TRANSPORT SERVICE within Chiang Mai City and its surrounding areas, the team is dedicated to providing professional therapeutic massage services to spa and massage lovers. They also offer Australian-Made Biossentials® facials. 

Staff training at Kiyora is not taken lightly! Their philosophy of continuous improvement to better services on a daily is unmatched. Therapists undergo initial training and re-training programs to ensure quality of service consistently exceed guest expectations. They are able to do this because of the speedy guest feedback process, which includes individual performance tracking and immediate action from guest feedback, ratings and suggestions.

With provisions of employee benefits seen in Western societies, the health and wellbeing of Kiyora’s staff is a priority. They are extremely proud of the services they provide and are passionate in getting better each day in search of “Service Excellence”.

Kiyora Spa & Massage
26/1 Chang Moi Road Soi 2, Chang Moi District, Amphoe Muang
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Telephone: +66 52 003 268 Website:


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