Get Psychedelic Trip at Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

Located under the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower, Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is built to be one of the Bund’s major tourist attractions. With its length is 646.7 meters, the tunnel goes under the Huangpu River connecting the Bund and Lujiazui Area in Pudong District. The entrance on the Bund situates in the north of Chenyi Square,  while the entrance in Pudong locates on the south side of the Oriental Pearl TV and Radio Tower. It costs 10x times of the metro ticket price but the tourist will get mind-blowing experience of the remarkable multimedia effects.

After hopping into a small, futuristic rail car which allows 360-degree view, riders will enjoy strobing, flashing lights and colours which are accompanied by the sound effects changed as the scenery changes. The rail car leisurely carries riders through the tunnels. It takes 3-5 minutes to travel through the tunnel.

Even the ride is short, the psychedelic experience of the light show would be last in riders’ memory.

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