EatMor Cafe & Bistro

If cozy atmosphere and fantastic food is what you seek, welcome to Eat More Cafe & Bistro! This modern contemporary café & bistro welcomes you with wonderful aroma of coffee and an extended list of beverage menus to get you refreshed in this hot weather. If it’s a beautiful day, you might opt for the outdoor zone and enjoy the climate, but you can always relax in the air-conditioned indoor zone. 

The food here breaks out of the traditional box in term of presentation, but flavor-wise, it’s strongly authentic with a creative modern fusion twist.

The signature Cmor Burger is a great example of tradition meets modernity with “rose bun”, that actually has a scent of rose, and authentic homemade burger that packs dolly fillet, ham, bacon, fried egg, cheese, and greens.

Another mouthwatering fusion dish that makes headline for EatMor Café & Bistro is the Deep-fried Larb Moo Dumplings. Larb Moo, one of northern Thai favourite dishes, is wrapped in dumpling sheet and tide up with egg noodle before deep-fried until golden.

You can never have enough of this delicious snack, and it goes great with the recommended drink like Tom Yum Mojito that round up all the aroma and goodness of tom yum herbs into a glass and boosts them all up with sparkling soda.

In addition to outdoor and indoor zones, you can also request the rooftop dining for that special event that requires extra romantic ambience.

EatMor Cafe & Bistro

3 Soi Raya; Hasdisevi Rd; Changpuak, Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand

Telephone: +66 (0) 90 8699380


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