Crazy House of Dalat

Dalat is a mid-sized city in southern Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Outside of the city is surrounded by hills, pine forests, lakes and waterfalls. The natural attractions are popular among the tourists but in the city, there also have fascinating places hiding in.

Crazy house or Hang Nga Guesthouse is a fascinating place to visit when you go to Dalat. It is worth to stop by for half an hour. Crazy house has rooms that people can sleep in but it also opens during the day for visitors to explore and wander through with an admission charge. With the unique style of house designed by Dang Viet Nga, a Vietnamese architect, when you enter the house you will feel like entering Disney land’s haunted house, Alice’s Wonderland and other fairy tales in the same time.

Crazy house is treehouses which have spiral stairs, giant animals on display like spider, tiger and giraffe and the bridges connecting each tree house. If you walk up the stairs to the rooftop, you will see all over the Dalat city. Crazy house was built in 1990 but it is still not finished. It still continues to grow, improve and renovate like nature.

If you’re brave enough, try and stay a night at Crazy house and see what it’s like at night when the tourists are gone.

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