Brilliant Autumn Scenery in China

Numerous places in China are awesome to see the brilliant colours of foliage. The leaves show their vibrant, ranging colour from bright yellows to flaming reds. Listed below are some of the best places to enjoy the colorful foliage.

Xinjiang – Kanas (or Hanas) Nature Reserve

Xinjiang-Kanas Nature Reserve is located in the beautiful Altai region where the top of mountains in Altai region is covered with snow all years. This nature reserve has various species of wildlife and plants. There you’ll enjoy the breathtaking view of the reserve from the Fish Observatory. You need to engage the tour operator to bring you to the nature reserve as it is remote location. It’s difficult to go on your own. You also need to find the accommodation in the nearby town of Buerjin. To get there, there are flights from Shanghai to Urumqi Airport and you need to take the bus for nine hours to the Kanas.

Wuyuan County – Rustic villages

The Wuyuan County is popular among the photographers. Especially in the autumn, the villages with the colourful autumn leaves and covered with mist in the morning gives the surreal scene when viewed from the top of neighboring hills. You can go trekking in the picturesque countryside or visit the popular villages of Liang Jiao, Li Keng, Shi Cheng. You can take your chances to stay in the limited home stays in the villages. To get there, you can get the bus from Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station. There are two daily buses. It takes about six hours to get there.

Sichuan – Jiuzhaigou Valley

Sichuan – Jiuzhaigou Valley is located on Min Mountains which has numerous lake, waterfalls and snowy mountain peaks. This stunning valley is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. The area becomes magnificent scenery of colour in autumn. Apart from enjoying the stunning view, you can also visit the Tibetan villages around the valley. To get there, you can take flight of Air China and China Eastern to Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport.





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