11 Best Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore is a little country in Southeast Asia but it is the brilliant attraction that could hold everything for everyone in one country. Venturing in Singapore, you will enjoy impressive natural sites, adventure theme park, the bustling street in cultural enclaves as well as spellbinding view from the top of Asia’s most  largest giant observation wheel. Here’s 11 best things you should do in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

At Gardens by the Bay, the visitors will feel the taste of nature without the trek. The gardens are featured with a various variety of alluring things to do and see. The Supertree Grove features 18 supertrees with a 419-foot-long aerial walkway. From the walkway, you will see all of the surrounding gardens as well as Marina Bay. Near the Supertree Grove, you will find the highly lauded Flower Dome, the largest greenhouse in the world and Cloud Forest, featuring a 114-foot-tall mini mountain with the tallest indoor waterfall. You will not be dissatisfied while travelling there.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Sharing spaces with thousands of skyscrapers, Botanic Gardens in Singapore is the area of natural and blooming splendour. With 60 acres of the city, the Singapore Botanic Gardens earned the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage site title. The gardens have beautiful floral ground which is full of varied vegetation. It attracts both scientist and tourists to visit with free admission.

Marina Bay

The area around Marina Bay is considered as the epicenter as it houses several main points of interest and a lot of entertainment sites such as Art Science Museum and The Float at Marina Bay. This area is where the Marina Bay Sands resort located in. It has a world-class casino, multiple nightclubs, performance halls, shops and spectacular overnight accommodations. Wandering around the Marina Bay during the day and night causes different atmosphere. At night, there’s a light show at Marina Bay Sands while during the day, it is the time to enjoy the taste of various cuisine in the restaurants.


As Singapore is composed of immigrants, there are a number of ethnic enclaves and Chinatown is one of the largest enclaves. The town is packed with the variety of activities, shops, restaurants and food stalls. If you are looking for the souvenir, head to the Pagoda Street but if you are hungry or want to grab a bite, go to Smith Street or New Bridge Road. At night at Tangong Pagar district, you will enjoy tons of bars, pubs and karaoke lounges. If you are seeking a tranquil area, you will find at Telok Ayer district where the mosques and temple located in.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo has 11 different zones and 12 exhibits offering the visitors with the numerous opportunities to get close to the wildlife. Head to the Primate kingdom and get a glimpse in to 39 species of primate. At the elephant of Asia exhibits, you can get up close to the big elephants from Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia. Apart from the exhibits, you can enjoy the animal shows and safari tours.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a Singapore’s commercial avenue. Its name comes from its history which was once a fruit orchard. Now, it houses tons of eateries and a whopping 47 shopping malls where various kinds of shop from the high-end brands to the local shops located in.

Merlion Park

Merlion Park on the Marina Bay houses a recognizable monument, Merlion. The statue has the head of lion and the body of fish’s tail with the water sprouting from its mouth. It is one of the landmark and most photographed sites in Singapore. The appearance of Merlion has a story behind. Its head represents Singapore’s former name, Singapura meaning a lion city in Malay. Its tail represents the old day of Singapore which was a fishing town.


Sentosa is a resort island for every age. In the island, there’re Universal Studios and Adventure Cove Waterpark for family trip, iFly Singapore, Mega Adventure and The Flying Trapeze for the adventure lovers, many beautiful beaches for ones who want to relax, and myriad of activities.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is a huge ferris wheel with 42 storey. It is an Asia’s largest giant observation wheel which offer the riders with 360 degree view of Marina Bay. It also claims that at the highest point of the ferris wheel, the riders could see a glimpse of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Little India

From Marina Bay, heading about 2 miles to the northwest, you’ll find a Little India, another cultural enclave. There’re a network of streets and shops where you can find Indian things from flower garlands to fragrant spices and colorful fabrics. You can start at Serangoon Road to pursue the boutiques and go down the small streets to discover the true treasures.

Asian Civilizations Museum

Not far from Little India and Chinatown, there’s the Asian Civilizations Museum offering a broad survey Pan-Asian civilizations with artworks and thousands of artifacts from every corner of the continents. You’ll find varied array of artifacts including religious sculptures, ornate furniture, Chinese ceramics and remnants from a shipwreck.


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