Hong Kong’s Hidden Coffee Spots

Café culture grew tremendously across Asia in the past decade. With the specialty coffee trend catching the momentum, cafés are popping up everywhere in Hong Kong, from hidden small alleys away from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong, to quiet parts of the island where you would never have thought you would find a decent brew. Where would you find Hong Kong’s favourite brew among myriad of cafés? We have here some of Hong Kong’s best cafés that may not be a huge brand, but their reputation go beyond many international coffee chains.

18 Grams Specialty Coffee

With 8 branches in Hong Kong, 18 GRAMS is arguably one of the most popular coffee brands in Hong Kong. You might be curious of its name, but the name is simply derived from the ideal amount of coffee ground for brewing a perfect cup of coffee, hence “18 Grams Specialty Coffee.” Its latest branch, 18 Roastery Lab in Wan Chai, offers exciting varieties of house-roasted coffee blends brewed to perfection with different brewing technique that suit each roast profile. You shouldn’t miss the signature “Nutella Cafe Latte” (HK$58), which smoothly blends latte with everyone’s favourite spread, Nutella, and beautifully completed with a nice latte art.

Location – the café is situated in between Admiralty and Wan Chai. Exit B2, Wan Chai MTR Station and Exit F, Admiralty MTR Station.

The Coffee Academics

The Coffee Academics takes Hong Kong’s coffee culture to new heights and offering a unique playground for coffee aficionados. As the name stated, the café is more than just a cool café where coffee lovers go to enjoy a cup of coffee. The Coffee Academic is the platform for coffee experts and coffee-holics to connect and share their experiences.

The success of the first branch led to the new Wan Chai branch which serves the same great coffee, snacks and homemade cakes as the first branch but with an outdoor seating area. Besides great espresso and unique cold brew coffee, another signature menu is the “Manuka Coffee” (HK$55) which boasts the benefits of New Zealand Manuka honey. If you regularly travel to Hong Kong, you could also enjoy different special coffee blend that changes every month.

Location – located on 38-45 Johnston road of a busy commercial street, nearly Wan Chai station. Exit B2, Wan Chai MTR Station.

Elephant Grounds @ WOAW

Located in the ultra-trendy concept store WOAW, Elephant Grounds is undoubtedly Noho’s freshest hipster hotspot. Furnished with warm wood and industrial décor, the café offers inviting and fun space to enjoy some of the best coffee blends in the city. The beans are independently roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. If you are unsure of what to try, you can simply give your preferences and allow the house barista to recommend a cup that could be your next favourite coffee! In addition to the coffee menus, Elephant Grounds also offers Asian comfort food, homemade, pastries, and a limited number of mouthwatering ice-cream sandwiches.

Location – nestled in 11 Gough Street, Sheung Wan. Exit E1, Sheung Wan MTR Station.

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