5 Must Eat Street Foods When You Visit Seoul

Hongdae Street Food

Korean food is unique and it’s a big part of Korean culture. The best way to really experience a culture is through food, especially street food that the locals enjoy every day. No matter where you go in Seoul, you will never be far from delicious street treats, and if you have to choose a street to enjoy variety of street food, Hongdae would be up on top of anyone’s list!

1. Pajeon (Korean Pancake)

Pajeon may be considered a snack, but it’s a very fulfilling one! These savoury pancakes may come as a plain leeks and spring onion version or a full-on seafood version with lots of squid, prawns, or mussels. Dip a slice of hot pajeon in the dipping soy sauce and you will be asking for more!

2. Gyeranppang (Egg Muffin)

Gyeranppang, aka “egg bread”, is the definition of comfort food. The dense, yet soft golden muffin is baked with a whole egg and sprinkled with a little parsley. It’s hard not to like this sweet and savoury street treat!

3. Odeng (Fish-cake skewers)

Odeng are fishcakes and fishballs in hot soup and the perfect way to give your palates a break from the circus of tastes of street food. The mild flavour of hot and soft fishcakes goes superbly with seafood and spring onion-infused broth. Odeng are one of the favourite street food during winter and it is said to be the cure for hangovers.

4. Tteokbokki

Street food won’t be completed without Tteokbokki. This soft rice cake with fish cake and sweet chili sauce is probably the number 1 Korean street food, and it’s loved by Koreans and anyone who have tried it!

5. Gimbap

Gimbab is basically the Korean version of maki roll. Rice is infused with perilla oil and stuffed anything from sushi, meat, tofu, to spinach, pickled radish, and egg roll before it is wrapped in seaweed. Gimbap is easy, nutritious, and delicious!

Tip: Take the Green subway to Hongik University station and take Exit 9 to go to Hongdae.

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