10 Shanghai’s Local Street Foods You Should Try

Shanghai is a destination for street foodies. Date back for several years, the family-run food stores hawked simple, inexpensive dishes from every corner around the city but the stalls are swiftly faded for malls and high-rises. Strolling through Shanghai to find local cuisine, you may have to look harder but it’s worth to find. Here’s the list of scrumptious local street foods.

Xiao Long Bao

This signature dish of Shanghai is a soup dumpling. For the first try, this dish is quite hard to eat as the soup inside dumpling will spill when you bite. Once you developed the method, you will love the taste of soft thin dough, flavorful soup and chewy minced pork or shrimp.

Xie Ke Huang or Crab Shell Pie

With an appearance of the golden crab shell, it is a crispy bun filled with savoury ingredients including the river crabs which is an integral part of Shanghai cuisine but only available seasonally. When travelling to Shanghai, don’t miss this bun.

You Tiao

Meaning an oily stick, You Tiao is made from dough cut in long stick and deep fried in oil. Chinese people have You Tiao for breakfast with fresh soy milk.


Made from batter of wheat, grain flour and eggs, Jianbing is a crispy pancake. It is filled with varying ingredients including fried cracker, scallions and chilli sauce.

Stinky Tofu

Don’t judge stinky tofu, one of the best street food in Shanghai before you try it. This tofu comes with cube shape smothered in sauces. Its taste is as fragrant as its smell.

Baked Sweet Potato

To warm you up during the cold season, the baked sweet potato is one of great choice. The smell of baked sweet potato is a sign to show that Shanghai already enters the winter season.

Sesame Ball

Several desserts in China are filled with red bean paste and this sesame ball is not different from the others. It is a fried round dough, filled with the sweet filling and covered with sesame seed.

Cong You Bing

It is a Chinese style pancake made from dough instead of batter and filled with scallion. This thick pancake is perfect to be a breakfast and snack during the day.

Tea Egg

It is the chicken eggs boiled in the water with tea leaves and soy sauces and kept in a crock pot. You’ll find this food everywhere from the convenient stores to newspaper stands.


Kebab or Chuanr in Chinese is usually found on the pushcarts near night clubs and bar at night. The ingredients are varied from the several kinds of vegetables, starches, and meat.



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